What people are saying:     

“Lovely!”- Karon

“Absolutely splendid!” – Frances

“Wonderful!” – George

“Beautiful” – Evelyn, St. Charles

“Thanks for sharing your joy – to the world!” – Gerard

“Thank you for the wonderful experience!” – Ann

“I’ve already told about 5 of my friends! It was a wonderful experience!”

“It is just magical to see unique qualities of each nativity set highlighted by the beautiful lights. Each person seemed enchanted with a different nativity.”

“Each nativity in its own way testifies to the miracle of that first Christmas.”

“It is the perfect way to begin the wonderful Christmas season.”

“A wonderful activity filled with the spirit of Christmas and the ‘awe and wonder’ of our Savior’s birth.”

“The title ‘Wonder of the Nativity’ is appropriate because of the wonder we see in the eyes of those looking at each individual nativity. My heart was touched as I was reminded again of the wonder of His birth.”